Flores  Island adventure tour is tour package offering to visitors who want to discover the beauty of nature, amazing people’s life style and uniqueness of culture.

Besides that Flores Island adventure Tour offers to visit komodo dragon to see giant monitor lizard only found in Komodo National Park. here tour program of flores adventure tour :

Day 1: Maumere-Wuring Fishing Village-Sika old Church-Page-Moni

Flores Island adventure tour guide will pick you up at Maumere airport, then take you to wuring traditional fishing village, after keeping in touch and walking around the village, continue to sika old church. the church built by Dutch in 1899, all interior part made by teak wood and its wall painted in local motif of weaving, then continue to Moni and drop off in paga for having lunch. dinner and overnight in Moni.

Day 2: Moni-Kelimutu-Saga traditional Village-Soekarno Moseum-Blue Stone-Riung.

early morning start driving up to Kelimutu lake to hunt sun rise and capture three mystery colors lake, they are blue, green and black. the color’s lake change over time due to chemical reaction of dissolving mineral in bottom lake. after enjoying admiring lake and sun rise; get down to Moni for breakfast. the next destination visiting Saga traditional village of Lionese, then continue to Riung and stopping in Ende for lunch and blue stone to see how people collect stones selling to other people for decoration. dinner in local Restaurant in Riung as well as overnight.

Day 3: Riung-17 island-Hotel

after having breakfast at your hotel, guide will take you to jetty and get on boat sailing to Flying fox island to see amazing thousand of flying foxes hanging on mangrove (flying foxes, nocturnal animals in which active at night time). after capture foxes continue to pulau Rutong to swim and snorkeling, next spot going to three island for snorkel as well, lunch served in this island, then back to hotel. dinner and overnight in Riung.

Day 4: Riung-Soa Hot Spring-Bena village-Hotel.

guide will call you for at your hotel driving to soa hot spring, it is very nice to to take a bath in warm water, after that go to Bena village to see traditional house of ngada clan, Ngadu and Bhaga are the most essential for people here. Ngadu symbols of male ancestors and Bhaga symbols of female ancestors. the existence of this village 1200 years ago. back to Bajawa and take to you hotel. dinner and overnight in Bajawa.

Day 5: Bajawa-Aimere-Rana Mese lake-Ruteng.

breakfast at your hotel, then check out keep going to Aimere, well-known of local alcohol drink made of juice of palm lontar tree, after that continue to Ruteng and stop made in Borong for lunch and in Rana Mese to see the beautiful of the lake. dinner at local restaurant in Ruteng and also overnight.

Day 6: Ruteng-cara Spider Web Rice Field-Labuan Bajo.

breakfast at your hotel, then driving to Lodok, the land division system of Manggaraian. it looks like spider web and in the middle called ‘Lodok’ where sacred sacrificing of animals offering to ancestor and God. afterwards continue to Labuan Bajo, stop in Lembor for lunch. Lembor famous for rice bowl production in Manggarai. Dinner and overnight in Labuan Bajo.

Day 7: Labuan Bajo-Rinca-Kalong Bay

guide will pick you in hotel going to harbor sailing to Rinca island, Rinca is one of the islands within komodo national park where dragon living, Ranger will handle you during tracking in Rinca island, then get back to boat head to Kalong Island near by Komodo Island for dinner and overnight. Lunch, dinner on board.

Day 8: Kalong Bay-Komodo Island-pink beach-Manta Point-Kanawa-Labuan Bajo

after breakfast in your hotel, then sail to Komodo island for catching dragon photo and other wild animals, official ranger handle you to discover the island. back to boat sailing to pink beach for swimming and snorkeling. afterwards continue to Manta Point to see Manta Ray if you are lucky. after swim together with Manta then sail to Kanawa for another snorkeling, get back Labuan Bajo for overnight. the tour of Flores Island adventure tour is end.

Day 9: Hotel-Airport

after breakfast in your hotel transfer you to airport fly back to Bali.

  • English speaking tour guide
  • entrance fee in Kelimutu National Park
  • all accommodation during trip
  • meals during trip, AC car for overland
  • donation in all tourism object
  • entrance fee in Riung, boat trip in Riung
  • boat trip 2 days/1 night to Komodo National Park
  • ranger fee, snorkeling equipment
  • coffee, tea and meals on boat.
  • Flight ticket, Insurance
  • personal expenses
  • soft and alcoholic drinks
  • tipping.
  • walking shoes
  • sun lotion
  • rain coat
  • sweater
  • mosquito repellent




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