Flores Kelimutu Komodo Tour invites travelers to keep in touch with local people, nature and culture. Flores Kelimutu Komodo Tour offers to our beloved customers to see local people’s life style starting from give birth until pass away (people in the Island of Flores strongly belief to dynamism and animism, therefore they still make traditional ceremony in every life cycling), besides people’s way of life, Flores also rich with nature and culture. Flores Kelimutu Komodo Tour program as follows:

Day 1: Denpasar-Labuan Bajo-Kelor-Rinca-Padar
Flores Kelimutu Komodo tour
guide pick up you at komodo airport, then transfer to the harbor get on board. Sail to Kelor island for snorkeling. continue to Rinca island to see komodo dragon Komodo National Park. Ranger guides you to explore the island. Rinca is one of the islands in Komodo National Park where giant living lizard on earth lives. Others animals also lives in this island such as deer, wild board, wild water buffaloes, horses. Then sail to Padar island to see awesome view of the beaches. The ranges of mountains in Padar island become more spectacular. You hike up to the top about 40 minutes.

Day 2: Padar-Komodo Island-Pink Beach-Manta Point-Gili Laba
Have breakfast on boat, sail to komodo island to see komodo dragon. Komodo dragon called ora in local language. This animal is dangerous indeed, therefore all the guests who visit in the national park must be guided by ranger. Besides komodo dragon, other animals can be seen in this island such deer, wild board. After tracking back to boat continue sailing pink beach for snorkeling. Continue to Manta Point to see manta ray in water surface to clean their body. Then head to Gili Laba to see wonderful sun set. Dinner and overnight on board

Day 3: Gili Laba-Kanawa-Bidadari-Labuan Bajo
Get up early morning at 4 o’clock hike up to the top of Gili Laba. On your arrival you will see magnificent sun rise and blowing of wind. After take some pictures back to boat sail to Kanawa and bidadari for snorkeling.

Day 4: Labuan Bajo-Denge-Wae Rebo
After breakfast in hotel, drive to Denge as starting point to tracking to Wae Rebo. It takes 4 hours driving from Ruteng to Denge. Wae rebo is a traditional village in Manggarai located in mountainous region. The house shaped conical called Niang. Dinner and overnight in Traditional house in Wae Rebo

Day 5: Wae Rebo-Ruteng Pu,u-Ruteng Hotel
Get up and having breakfast while see the local people activities before they go to the garden. Then descant to Denge to get your car continue driving to Ruteng Ruteng Pu’u. Ruteng pu’u is traditional house of Manggaraian people. Then driving to your hotel for overnight.

Day 6: Ruteng-Rana Mese Lake-Arak Procession Aimere-Bajawa
After breakfast, drive to Rana Mese Lake. Rana Mese is the the biggest lake in Manggarai. Local people who stay nearby the lake usually come to fish fresh fish in the lake. Continue to Aimere to witness how local people make “Arak” (local alcohol drink made of palm juice). After that drive to Bajawa. Dinner and overnight in Bajawa.

Day 7: Bajawa-Luba and Bena villages-Soa Hot Spring- Riung
Breakfast in your hotel, then visit Luba and Bena villages. The most important in these two villages is the existence of Ngadu and Bhaga symbolize their ancestors. Ngadu looks like umbrella symbol of male ancestor and Bhaga looks like miniature as the symbol of female ancestor. Then continue to Soa hot spring, you can take a bath if you want. Soa hot spring is useful local people to heal skin diseases. After that continue to Riung. Dinner and overnight in Riung.

Day 8: Riung half day Trip-Blue Stone-Moni
Breakfast in your hotel, then drive to the jetty to get on board sail to kalong island to see flying foxes. Then continue to Rutong and pulau tiga for snorkeling. Back to hotel directly continue to Moni and stop in blue stone to see People collect the blue stone to sell to other people from other island for decoration. Dinner and overnight in Moni.

Day 9: Moni-Kelimutu Lake-Saga village-Soekarno Museum-Hotel
4 o’clock a.m., drive up to Kelimutu lake. It takes 45 minutes to the parking area. Then walk to the top to see all three crater of the lakes. Kelimutu is intriguing lake due to volcano eruption. The lake has its own color. Based on scientist researched the color lakes’ change overtime because of dissolving of mineral in the bottom lake. After that going down to the parking area get on our car back to Moni. On arrival in hotel have breakfast, afterward drive to Saga traditional village of Lionese. After that continue to Soekarno Museum in Ende. Then take you to your hotel. Dinner and overnight in Ende.

Day 10: Ende Hotel-Airport
Flores Tour guide will pick you up, then take you to the airport to get your flight to next destination. tour is end of Flores Kelimutu Komodo Tour.

  • Price included:
  • Ac car for overland tour,
  • Entrance fee in all tourism object
  • All donation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Full day boat trip in Riung
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Boat trip to komodo national park
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Flight ticket
  • Personal expenses like laundry
  • Tipping

  • Trousers
  • Jacket
  • Walking shoes
  • Rain coat
  • Sun lotion
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Life insurance



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