We would like to inform you term and conditions to all our customers about our services that we give you during trip with us as follows:

  1. Reservation and Booking Procedure

All the customers who want to use our service, feel free to send us message through our email, WA. After we already get your reservation, we will book your facilities as you booked.

  1. Bank and money changer

Flores has some banks and money changers, but banks and money changer have big different exchange rate. It is better to change your money in big city in Indonesia like Jakarta, Bali, etc. you must bring cash of Indonesian money (IDR) to remote area like Flores

  1. Payment System

All of our customers should pay 30% after dealing tour with us and rest of payment will be paid when you arrive in Flores before starting your trip. You must in CASH in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). You also might pay with other foreign currencies such as: USA and EURO. We will convert your money into current exchange rate of our local bank.

  1. Refund

We don’t refund your money after dealing tour with us

  1. Limitation of Responsibility

We would like make your memorable trip with us. We don’t responsible, if you miss, damage your personal belongings, delay or cancel you flight schedule or even death.

  1. Something to Bring

Sun lotion, mosquito repellent, jacket, trouser, rain coat (if it is rainy season), walking shoes, hat and etc.

  1. Travel Insurance

We don’t include any insurance during trip with us

  1. Refund or cancellation

After booking tour with us and suddenly cancel your tour, we will not refund your money.

thanks for trusting us, these are our term and conditions for Komodo Island Tour and Flores Island Tour